Announcement of Nobel Prizes begins: Medicine Prize 2022 to Savante Pabo of Sweden; Peace Prize to be announced on 7 October

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Nobel Prize Week 2022 has started in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. The Medicine category award has been given to Savante Pabo of Sweden. He has been given this prize for research related to genome and human evolution.

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Savante was born in 1955 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. He is currently associated with the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany. Apart from this, he is also a part of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Japan. Nobel Prize Week will continue till October 10. A total of 6 prizes will be announced in 7 days.

Lastly, on October 10, the economics category prize will be announced. This week only the names of the person or institution who won the award will be announced. Prizes will be given to them in December. The winners of 2020 and 2021 could not reach Stockholm due to Kovid. This time the committee has also invited the winners of these two years to Stockholm.

Know about Svante Pabo

Swedish scientist Svante Pabo has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine. He received this award for preparing the sequence of the genome of an extinct Neanderthal human. Neanderthal humans became extinct 40,000 years ago, whose genome has been discovered by Pabo.

The Nobel Committee secretary Thomas Perlman announced the name of the winner. He said that Pabo had done something in his initial research which was completely impossible. He further said that with this Nobel Prize, the awards to be announced in 2022 started. This program will last for a week.

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