Apple iPhone 14 Series price & features

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Apple iPhone 14 Series price & features

Hello friends, through today’s post, we are going to give you complete detailed information about apple iPhone 14 series price and features so that you can know everything, what is new this time iPhone is.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

Who does not know the phone of the iPhone brand, this is a phone that everyone likes. Now let’s talk about why I am writing this post, so I want to tell you, that the iPhone will be launched in the United States of America soon. And all of you will be able to buy this phone soon. And I will also tell you people what are the special features of this phone? I know that you people like the iPhone, because the first choice of the people of the United States of America is the iPhone. The iPhone company is known for its new series of phones, because the company tries to bring something new every year. lives As the company has made a lot of changes in the S phone this time and has also worked on many such features, which no one has paid attention to, such as tell you that with the facility of e-SIM, emergency services etc., the company has phone has been launched. This phone is going to be available very soon for American and other country , which you can pre-order in your personal store and iPhone’s official website. I know that you people are curious to know about this phone features, then you people have come to the right place, through this post we are going to tell you all the information.


I know that the iPhone has not been launched publicly yet, so the curiosity remains in the mind of the people that how will its design be and how will it look, then let us tell you that the iPhone company has launched 3 to 4 color variants and This phone looks very attractive to see from the front and back, it will be nice to see the logo. It is a color variant that gives a very good look to the iPhone 14. The company has launched Purple, Black, and Sky Blue colors etc. After taking it in hand, it seems that the company has worked a lot on the development of this iPhone so that it can give better performance to the American people as well as the whole world.


Display iphone 14

When it comes to the features of the iPhone 14, then it may not happen that if we do not talk about the display, then let us tell you that this time the company has kept the bezel-less displays, small and when it comes to the size of the display, then 6.1. super retina XDR OLED with 1200nits brightness, so I can say that iPhone has launched the phone with some changes.

Display iphone 14
Display iphone 14

Camera, iphone 14

Let’s talk about the camera of iPhone 14, because it is important to talk about the camera because the company has increased the mega pixels of the selfie camera and you are going to get a good camera. There is a huge update so that everyone can take their selfie in good quality.

  1. 0.5x Ultra Wide | 13 mm
  2. 0.5x Ultra Wide Macro | 13 mm
  3. 1x Main | 24 mm
  4. New 2x Telephoto | 48 mm
  5. 3x Telephoto | 77 mm
Camera, iphone 14
Camera, iphone 14

The new Pro camera system adds a 2x optical-quality Telephoto to its zoom range, putting tons of framing flexibility in your pocket.

Battary iphone 14

As soon as the iPhone 14 is launched, the company has started pre-ordering, people think before taking what is the change in the battery, then tell you, nothing much has changed, it is a little more than the iPhone 13.

👉 video playback 29 hours.
👉audio playback 95 hours
👉up to 50% charge in 35 minute with 20w adaptor or higher ( available separately)

E-sim slot Iphone 14

There was a lot of discussion about its SIM slot because it was being expected that how the SIM would be, then tell you that it will be launched in America with the E slot, there will be no SIM here and the one that will be launched in India can also put your SIM in it. And can also use E slot.

iphone 14
i phone 14

Camera UI & Photoes

The company has shown a lot by changing the camera.
I was surprised when I took a picture with 48 megapixels and I took a lot more pictures than I was thinking. I loved the picture quality of the iPhone 14.

👉 Ultra wide 12- MP
👉Main camera 48- MP

iphone 14 camera



Campany has launched emergency features in the phone with a new additional features. And the phone sim will be from both.

Iphone 14 performance

Talking about the performance of iPhone 14, then the change of processor can get better and this phone gives the best feel in the hand.

Iphone 14 pro or max price

If we talk about the price, then India and America
The difference in price can be seen in You can see the niche what is the price details-

iPhone 14
iPhone 14iPhone 14 PLUSiPhone 14 Pro
IndiaRs 79,900Rs 89,990Rs 1,29,900Rs 1,39,900
Price in USA & India
Dubai (UAE)AED 3,399AED 3,799AED 4,299AED 4,699
Price in dubai
China CNY 5,999CNY 6,999CNY 7,999CNY 8,999
Price in dubai


In this series of iPhone, RAM has also been increased and you can see changes in storage as well.

In India, Apple iPhone 14 Pro— 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB
Gaming performance is also better than this phone and can be played without any lag.

Quality & weight iphone 14

iPhone has launched so many phones that the quality cannot be doubted, if we talk about the quality of the phone, then it is also the best and the weight is not much, if you keep it in the pocket, then it will not feel heavy. The weight of this phone is less than iPhone 13.

Quality & weight iphone 14
Quality & weight iphone 14


In the end, I will just say that iPhone is not a name but a brand that rules over everyone’s heart. Iphone 14 is going to be the best overall, seeing its features, the best feel comes and best of all, I have got emergency call features, which in case of an accident. will call

Hope you like our post

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