Apple Watch: Student falls into gorge while tracking, apple smartwatch saves life

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Apple Watch Save Teen’s Life: Apple Watch is often in the headlines for its features. Once again, a young man from Pune has credited the Apple Watch for saving his life. The youth says that it was due to the Apple Watch that his life was saved due to a horrific accident while trekking in Lonavala this year.

The incident took place in July 2022. Smit Mehta was preparing for his NEET exam in Pune and at the same time he planned to go trekking in Lonavala with his friends. While returning from the track, Mehta lost his balance and fell into the ditch amid rain.


Apple Watch saved young man’s life

Giving information about the incident, Smit Mehta told that while trekking, I fell on a tree and stayed on a stone. I was about to go down into the ditch. Mehta says that he could survive very hard but during this time his elbow was broken and there were injuries in many places.

Mehta said no one was present around to help him. And his phone was left in his friend’s bag. But in this hour of trouble, his Apple Watch Series 7 came in handy. Through the built-in cellular connectivity feature, Mehta called his parents from the Apple Watch and sought help. The rescue team then arrived and with the help of some other trackers, Mehta was safely pulled out and taken to a safer place.

“My body was bleeding. I was in a dense forest. If I didn’t have an Apple Watch, it would have taken me longer to find. ’

Mehta was later admitted to a hospital in Lonavala, where he underwent surgery. He was then admitted to a hospital in Mumbai and finally discharged in August. He says he is “recovering” properly now. Smit Mehta wrote an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook and also told his story. The special thing is that the cook replied to this young man from Pune and wished him a speedy recovery. “I’m glad you’re recovering,” Cook wrote. ’


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