Depression cases increasing in usa : 5% patients increased in 6 months, now adults below 65 years will have an anxiety checkup

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Depression cases increasing in America: 5% patients increased in 6 months, now adults below 65 years will have an anxiety checkup

Rate Depression cases are increasing very fast among the citizens Usa . In view of this, the USA Health Panel has recommended for the first time that all persons under 65 years of age should be screened for anxiety and mental health. This recommendation has been made by the government at a time when people in the country are feeling troubled by stress-increasing diseases, prolonged Covid-19, economic crisis due to inflation and uncertainty.

Depression cases increasing in usa

The US Preventive Services Task Force Advisory Group has said in an official statement that this investigation will help people reduce mental stress to a great extent. This problem has been consistently overlooked. The panel had recommended similar tests for children and adults in early 2022.

Big reasons for anxiety is corona-lockdown
Panel covid through Human Health and Services Department. Preparing advance report on. Lori Pubert, a professor at the Chan Medical School in Massachusetts and a part of this task force, said that the major reasons for anxiety are increased crime, the stress of lockdown, the death of family members in covid.


The task force found during the study that the incidence of symptoms of anxiety or depression among adults increased from 36.4% to 41.5% between August 2020 and February 2021. Many psychologists believe that at present, anxiety screening of people will be effective only if they are also suggested a main route. The second biggest challenge is also the mobilization of health resources and staff at one place on such a large scale.

25% men, 40% women suffer from anxiety
US citizens are being consulted on the panel’s recommendations until mid-October. By the way, in the matters of mental health, so many changes are being seen in many countries, America is not alone…

Depression 1

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there was a 25% increase in depression and anxiety among people in the first wave of corona. According to the task force, about 25% of men and about 40% of women in America suffer from anxiety. Research suggests that women are at twice the risk of anxiety than men.


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