FIFA World Cup came under pressure from many European football federations for racial discrimination

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FIFA came under pressure on Wednesday from several European football federations who want their captains to wear an armband with a rainbow heart design during World Cup games in Qatar to campaign against discrimination. France and Germany were the last two World Cup champions, eight of the 13 Europeans. The football team is heading to Qatar to participate in the ONE LOVE campaign that started in the Netherlands.

Sweden’s Rasmus Elm and Republic of Ireland’s Robbie Keane (right) during the FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifier match at the Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden.

Why is it in discussion?

If seen then it is also right because all those who do racial discrimination can be stopped. It will happen that when people who are fond of football matches show unity, then it is a matter of fact that the seeds of unity will be formed in the minds of the people. By which there will be peace in all the countries. Ever since it came into the limelight, the Football Federation is feeling the pressure of itself.

football fan following-

So let me say that football has fan following all over the world but more fan following is Europe side because I am seen more in western countries. And the racial discrimination is also the same which is seen more. So it has been said that a bandh has to be put in one’s hands which should be a symbol of unity.

The Dutch team will play Qatar in Group A on 29 November. FIFA’s rules prohibit teams from bringing their own armband designs to the World Cup and insist that they must use equipment provided by the governing body. The armbands are the latest battleground for players to push the political message surrounding the World Cup in Qatar, where homosexual acts are illegal and the tournament’s treatment of migrant workers’ construction projects has been a decades-long controversy.


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