Google Pixel Smart Watch: feature,colour options leaked,Cost arround cost $349🔥

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Just found out that Google Pixel Smart Watch is going to launch a Smart Watch, just found out that Google Pixel is about to launch a Smart Watch and this look is a phone in itself, it has all kinds of features available, today I have to write this post. Why is it lying for, then let me tell you that I am writing this post because the watch was leaked before its launch. Google Pixel has already launched Wow phone, so whoever has used Pixel will know. Google Pixel is a brand in itself that everyone likes. in this post i will explain your Google Pixel Smart Watch: , feature color.

Google Pixel Smart Watch

Google Pixel’s watch was leaked even before launch, it was told that I was called golden in its color, but due to the leak of the company, it has come to know that there will be no golden colors. So it turns out that the company Color Me will try something new.

Ever since this watch has been leaked before its launch, it has been in the news since then it seems to be a proliferation mini phone as it has its own display and also has the facility of WiFi.

We also have information about its color, in which color it is coming which is as follows

Smart watch

Smart watch color 🚀

  • Black case/Obsidian band
  • Gold case/Hazel band
  • Silver case/Chalk band


Ever since the watch leaked, under the logo, curiosity remains that what is there in this, then I will tell you what is the display of this watch. It is believed that it will have a sub-2″ round OLED display. This display makes the watch very attractive. I want to tell the users of this watch that the feel of a mini phone will come. But when this watch comes, the tab will give full explanation.

Wifi calling in watch

This watch is supposed to have WiFi calling, we have found it through leaks but it has also been found that it will launch with new features and WiFi will also be available. It is also being talked about that I also have arrangements for this. It should be seen that in itself a smart watch will work as a phone does. There are LTE versions for Wi-Fi models


It is not only a watch but also a phone as it also has a processor. For a good wearable with Cortex-M33 co-processor, it seems that Samsung will perform best with Exynos 9110 chipset. This processor phone is also used and now look will also take the form of a phone. It can be guessed that Yah will give good performance with this processor.

RAM & storage

and up to 2GB of RAM as well as up to 32GB of native storage. If seen, the RAM that I have is a small watch, it used to be somewhere in the phone, you can store it and you can store it, now you will not even have a problem with storage.

Price details

Talking about the price information, it is a bit expensive but it comes in a complete smart watch series, let us tell you about the price, then it is worth, Google will keep the price of Pixel Watch between $ 250 – $ 350 Which sounds more like India. Maybe what it is it will cost in the United States of America.

Smart navigation

Look at this, if you want to navigate anywhere, you can also go to the middle of your watch.

The first we heard about the Google Pixel Watch, there were rumors that it would come in Black, Gray and Gold colors. Well, those rumors weren’t over the mark, it seems, as the source still claims that the colors for the Pixel Watch will be named Chalk, Charcoal, and Obsidian.

While obsidian is a deep, jet-black color, while charcoal is more brown, the only one that moves away from the initial speculation is the gold color that has clearly changed to chalk or off-white.

Frankly, we’ll have a white Google Pixel watch instead of a gold one, but to each its own and that doesn’t mean Google will finally have its first smartwatch at some point, or even a more for it. Will not release bright colour.

Google Pixel Smart Watch


In the last I want to say that there is a mini phone which will have all the facilities. The Google Pixel Watch release date is approaching and its price and colors just leaked


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