Now do MBBS in Hindi language

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union Home minister Amit Shah on Sunday released textbook of three subject in Hindi for MBBS student as part of an ambitious project of Madhya Pradesh government to impact medical education in Hindi so sad pm Narendra Modi has taken a very historic decision in the new education policy by giving important to the mother tongue of the child in primary technical and medical education.


Modi had given a call to provide medical and engineering education in all regional language like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, and the Shivraj Singh Chauhan government was the first to full fill this wish shah said adding that engineering studies will soon be started in hindi .

translation of the engeneering books has started in eight languages across the country. students will start having their technical and medical education in their mother tongue. shah noted. not only would students gets education in their mother tongue but they would start to do further research in their own languages he said .shah told students that the thinking process of any human is best in his mother tongue. our mind does the process of thinking revision research reasoning analysis and arriving at a decision in our mother tongue itself.

If studies and research are done in the mother tongue then students of india are no less than the students of any other country in the world,” shah added.

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