HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed

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Hello friends, today we are going to discuss about the ERROR that comes while indexing the article in Google Search Console, what is the reason, due to which you have to face this problem –
So let’s take a look at what is the actual time –

“HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed”


This problem has been occurring in Google Search Console since last Sept 18.

As you all know that whenever we are going to index any post written on our website, then this problem is coming in which it is clearly written that HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed” this error Appears, “HTTPS Not Evaluated”, and users working on all websites are worried about how to fix this error as this problem started from this month

Yes, it’s actually a minor error that you can fix if you want, we can fix it. When we see and click on “HTTPS not evaluated” error, it sends us through google to find out more about HTTPS ERROR than HTTPS sends. A detailed report of the error can be seen

What is HTTPS Report?

Https Report is used by Google to fully protect the privacy of our site that protects your website

How to solve “HTTPS not evaluated” issue

To solve this problem, you have to take some precautions while writing the post, you have to do some important steps, whose details are as follows: When we write a post on our website and when it is completely ready for publication, we will do that post. CUSTOM PERMA LINKS FOR CUSTOMS, because doing so had a good effect on SEO ranking. But until Google fixes it completely, the URL should not change its ACCORDING rather let it be automatic, when we customize permalink, then this problem is most visible.

Once you have to go to the settings of your hosting service provider and check whether you have enabled HTTPS REDIRECT or not.

  1. In bloggers this option is available in settings
  1. Whereas on HOSTINGER its option is available on HOSTINGER’s DESKBOARD

Let us tell you that this problem is not due to our DNS management and SSL certificate, this problem has come from Google, which will be automatically fixed in 4 to 5 days. Which Google has already mentioned in Google’s help session


“HTTPS not evaluated” and “HTTPS is invalid and can be prevented with indexing errors”. The only thing that can be said about this is that this is a bug from google, which will be automatically corrected.


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