Indian cricket : Final Playing XI player in T20 WORLD CUP 2022

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Hello friends, today I will talk about the ICC T20 World Cup which is going to be held in Australia and which players can play for India in 11, if seen, then two-three players who got injured, some players in their place.  The replacement has been done and the players were already selected which players will play the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, then I will tell you that if the ICC T20 World Cup is going to be held in Australia, then there will be cold air and the pitch there.  is of a different type.

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Indian team ICC T20 World Cup 2022

Let me tell you guys that something special is going to happen in the ICC T20 World Cup which is going to be held in Australia and this time the ICC T20 World Cup will be played without Dhoni.  So in the T20 World Cup that is being played in Australia, I can predict which are the 11 players from India who can come to play in the field, there is every possibility.

Let me tell you guys who can be the top 11 players of India who is playing in ICC T20 World  |

1. Rohit Sharma

If we talk about Rohit Sharma’s Rohit Sharma, what has happened in the last matches and his performance there has not been very good but he is the captain of the India team, then it can be expected from him.  Can do well in the ICC T20 World Cup, Rohit Sharma is an opener and when he walks, he rises from a storm.

2. Kl rahul

If we talk about KL Rahul, the batsman of India team, sometimes he starts performing so well in the match and sometimes his performance is not very good but in ICC T20 World Cup we can think of KL Rahul’s form.  Something good is about to happen in Australia.

3. Virat Kohli

The opening batsman has been talked about, but you first talk about the bottom batsman Virat Kohli, well I will talk about Virat Kohli but who is it who does not know Virat Kohli because Virat Kohli is such a batsman  Who has got a lot of fame in batting and his bat was silent for a long time, but now it is seen that his bat which is there is again raining runs.  Virat Kohli’s bat is going to do something special in the ICC T20 World Cup.

4. SURYA kumar yadav

The star batsman of the Indian team, Surya Kumar Yadav, who has just now refined his style with very good batting, has brought everyone in front of the ICC T20 World Cup which is happening in Australia and Surya Kumar Yadav has been made a part of the team.  Let’s see how well Surya Kumar Yadav performs in the ICC T20 World Cup.

Dinesh Karthik

Wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik has got a chance this time in the ICC T20 World Cup, which will be a match in Australia, so now let’s see how much Dinesh Karthik enjoys his batting and wicket-keeping.

6 Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is star all rounder Hardik Pandya is one batsman and bowler who has done well in both the batting and bowling formats and that is why he has been selected in the ICC T20 World Cup and this time we will see what Hardik Pandya can do.  .

7  Yuzvendra chahel

   The best spinner of the Indian team, yuzvendra chahal, who has performed very well in his current match and has been taken in the ICC T20 World Cup, he always destroys the players with his spin.

8. Shardul thakur

India’s fast bowling also has a Shardul Thakur who is known for his bowling.  I have been selected for ICC T20 World Cup.

9.  Mohammad siraj

Mohammad Siraj is the Indian team’s fast bowler who has given good performance in cricket recently, after giving his best, he has been selected in the ICC T20 World Cup, which has been selected when a player was injured.

10. Harshal Patel

Harshal Patel, a well-known fast bowler of the Indian cricket team, who had a very good performance in the match against Australia, as well as got selected in the T20 World Cup.

11. Arshdeep Singh

If we talk about Arshdeep Singh, then he is also no less than a player, he has impressed many people with his bowling, he has been selected in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022.


  This team of India can be seen in the ICC T20 World Cup and the right team will be known very soon.


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