Oben Rorr electric bike offers 150 km range with three riding modes, know what is the price with hi-tech features

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If you are planning to buy a new electric bike, then know the complete details of Oben Rorr with long range and hi-tech features in 2 minutes.

In the Electric Two Wheeler Buying Guide, today we are talking about the Oben Rorr electric bike present in this segment, which is preferred for range and design in addition to its price.

If you also like an electric bike or want to know about this bike, then know here the details of its range, battery, features and specifications along with the price of this oben roar.


Oben Rorr Price

First of all, talk about the price of the bike, the company has launched it in the market with a starting price of Rs 1,02,999. When on road, this price becomes Rs 1,07,136.

Oben Rorr Battery and Motor

The battery pack that has been installed in this electric bike is 4.4 kWh capacity with which a 1000W power motor has been added, which is based on IPMSM technology. The company is also offering a 3-year warranty on this battery pack.

Oben Rorr Range and Power

The bike certified by ARAI has a range of 200 kilometers. The company has given 3 riding modes with this bike, in which the eco mode gets a range of 150 kilometers. The second mode is city mode which gets a range of 120 km. The third mode is the Havok mode which gets a range of 100 km.

Oben Rorr Braking And Suspension System

Talking about the braking system, the company has given disc brakes in its front wheel and rear wheel with which combi braking system has been added. Talking about the suspension system, it has a telescopic fork in the front and a monoshock suspension system in the rear.

Oben Rorr Features

Talking about the features, the company has given a full digital instrument cluster with  Smartphone connectivity with features like ride details, battery status, Geo fencing, geo tagging, charging station locator, on demand service, road side assistance.

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