Presidential elections in Brazil

In the first round of Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro and former President Lula da Silva are in a tough fight. Voting took place on Sunday itself and after its end the counting of votes started. 99.87% votes have been counted. De Silva got 48.4% while Bolsonaro got 43.23% of the vote.

increased risk of collision

According to the Brazilian constitution, a candidate must secure at least 50% of the vote to win an election. Otherwise, there is a second round of voting between the top 2 candidates.

survey proved wrong

The eyes of the world are on Brazil’s presidential election. It was being said in all the polls and surveys that former President Lula is going to register an easy victory. In some surveys, he was shown to get more than 65% of the vote. After Sunday’s vote, it was clear that the Western media may be describing Bolsonaro as on the verge of defeat, but the Brazilians are not going to dismiss him so easily.

Now in this largest country of Latin America, the decision of the President will be held on 30 October. Before this, 217 crore people are at risk of violence in this country. Bolsonaro has already said that he will not accept the results if the results are not in his favour.

increased risk of collision
Brazil faces challenges such as environmental balance, hunger and a decaying economy. Despite this, President Bolsonaro is misleading voters in the name of fraudulent voting machines. He claims that he can lose the election only in one case, that is, if it is rigged. He even says that the army should check the result.

There were many incidents like floods and fire in the Amazon forests in the country. Despite this, Bolsonaro did campaigns and rallies in these areas. For this his opponents also rallied. Bolsonaro claims he will win all 27 Brazilian states.

Bolsonaro wants second term
Bolsonaro, 67, has made it clear that his Conservative Social Liberal Party will win the election in any case. Recently, he said- I won the election in 2018. If there is no fraud this time, then he will win this election as well.

Bolsonaro has made it clear that if he loses the election, he will follow the path of former US President Donald Trump and will not accept the results. Lula da Silva was president from 2003 to 2010. He is considered a very calm person.

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