I am talking about this game today watching the match i feel that NBA game  best to best team for this .i am watching TIMBERWOLVES at LAKERS matches. i am enjoying this game .

Garza got a confidence boost and got better in one season it’s wild .I miss him on the pistons.


Austin rivers and Justin Anderson were great pickups for the wolves, very solid squad.

I am not a lakers fan but i want Anthony Davis to stay healthy this season . He makes such an impact on the Lakers flow and ball movement that the team chemistry is truly displayed when he’s on the floor.

AD is the legs of this team , they’re only going as far he can take them right now. Lebron as great as he is , cannot lift this team to contention by himself. Lets get it AD, keep your body strong and stay hungry.!!
Garza got a confidence boost and got better in one season it’s wild I miss him on the pistons

I think the Lakers look great… just have to tighten up on defense more.. not that they weren’t playing defense… they just had holes in the defense that got exploited and that’s what the preseason is for… So great game Lakers !!! Let’s keep making them adjustments.

Game tonight

I was at the game tonight. As a lakers fan, we looked rough. I know it’s pre season but our spacing looked atrocious….hopefully we can get better at knocking down threes in the regular season. Still a die hard no matter what!!

Gobert didn’t even play. If you have watched any clips of Gobert on the Wolves, you already know that he looks super comfortable. Scary hours in Minnesota

Minnesota should have a great season this year . Young players fresh legs. Good luck guys.

So no one gonna talk about Cole Swider, man that boy a shooter. Definitely something the lakers needed.

Lakers look like they’re playing like a team and I can see that they’ve gotten younger which helped them.

And the nets is a whole new team that gotta build chemistry, they arent even peaking just learning.

I was really exited to see Matt Ryan  (Lakers) shoot the 3 since he did such a good job the last pree season game. But I didn’t see it tonight maybe the coach didn’t give him enough playing time.

Wolves are actually really deep. They will be this season’s Memphis from last year. They just need a reliable PG to set everything up in the offense.

Last season Luka Garza had good game

Last season, Luka Garza had good games with the Pistons, but the coach stop playing him. It should be better for him with the Wolves.

Luke Garza trimmed down tremendously he isn’t the most athletic but the fundamentals are still there. Wishing him a successful career in the NBA.

I’m not sure if the Lakers can wait until the regular season to see if this lineup works. At the same time, I wouldn’t give up any draft picks to trade Westbrook. The backcourt is good without him. I’d send him home and activate Howard or Cousins or both, the interior defense is extremely weak.

The inside shooting no question lebron and Davis got highlight shots through Patrick,and shcroder the only problems their consistency to take shots beyond the arc they got a very low percentage this team is a package it’s a challenge for the coach and the management how to handle these players.

The Los Angeles Lakers still have a potential problem with the three-point shooting it’s only one game but it’s still obvious that that could be a problem to come in this season this is a league where you must have knocked down three point shooters or your championship hopes will dwindle fast that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it .

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