Washington Commanders vs. Chicago Bears | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights sunday night football game

It’s like watching 2 NFL expansion teams, in their first year, playing their 1st pre-season game. I will see this game and enjoying it . I am big fan this team and fully enjoy

That was actually an incredibly great call. If you go frame by frame, his forearm actually came down in bounds with possession BEFORE his elbow touched, so yes, it was a legal catch, but the ball was about a quarter yard from the front of the plane, as ruled. He did have his hand on the ball while breaking the plane just before that when his left shin was brushing the turf in bounds, but at that point, he hadn’t secured possession yet. Given how much there was to observe on that play, it’s impressive this ref crew got the right call on the first try with no replay.

Each team really tried hard to loose the game. Even at the end is incredible that chicago could not score at 6 yards from the goal line.

Love the effort by Fields getting down field to post a block on a long run.

I thought Fields was done about 5 times during this game. Dude kept getting absolutely smacked, would lay there for like 10 seconds, then just get up and keep playing. Get this kid a good line!!

Justin Fields is a beast last play is so close nice catch from the receiver good game coming from a Washington fan hope to see big things from fields in the future.

You have to give it to the Bears; they keep finding new ways to throw away a game. A WR trying to catch a punt with his face is pretty innovative.

Legend says this is the greatest foot ball match ever played.

I personally love that the defense is so big this season. That will create absolute nail biters in the playoffs!

Great to see Brian Robinson score his first NFL career td tn, hoping that young man has a great career.

Commanders defense played great at the end.

Congrats to the Commanders. Young Fields you had a sure six point in the first half that would have won the game. And then he justified himself late in the game by scrambling for a first down from the back end zone. Only to lose on a bobbled catch at the end line.

The amount of perfectly dropped balls in this game is simply stunning! i loved how both QBs were throwing so consistantly it was uncatchable ball after uncatchable ball and punt. Colts broncos last thursday was a close second but i think this takes game of the year!

Biggest issue with the bears is their ownership

Man I freaking love my chicago bears all day!!!  Last night was hard to watch lol.  I think the biggest issue with the bears is their ownership.  Georgia Mckaskey kids and grandkids fill most of the important roles in upper management and the truth is they do not know what they are doing, they are not experienced in football operations from a game level. 

They have always made horrible decisions in drafting QB’s, horrible offense Coordinators and their philosophy on offense is out to date.  They need to take a step back, hire real football personnel who know how to win and I’ll franchise will improve big time.  Until then, the Bears are going to continue to endure long periods of growing pains.

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