Appeals Court Alouz Doz To Investigate Confidential Documents Seized From Trump Mar-a-Lago

Washington: A federal appeals court overturned a ban against the Justice Department investigating confidential documents seized at Trump's Florida estate, allowing Justice Department officials to resume reviewing records of possible criminal charges.

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The panel of judges of the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals said they found no personal interest for Trump in the classified documents and found no concrete evidence on record that he had made him public as president, as he has suggested on social media.

n any event, at least for those purposes, the declassification argument is a red herring because declassifying an official document will not alter its content or render it in person," the panel wrote. 

A US district judge temporarily prohibited federal officials from examining these documents while a special master reviews potential personal papers or records that fall under attorney-client privilege. 

The United States has argued that the District Court erred in exercising its jurisdiction in the use of United States classified records in its criminal investigation and assigned the United States classified documents to a Special Master for review. needs to be submitted."

The three-judge panel said it did not understand why Trump might have a claim on the disputed documents.

The judges noted that Trump suggested he declassified the documents as presidential, but there is no evidence on record that he was declassified.

There is no doubt in the court that the threat of prosecution under investigation is natural that can weigh on anyone's mind. But without diluting the gravity of that burden," the panel wrote, the court observed that any potential defendant could make such an argument.

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