Qatar World Cup: Accommodation worries for football fans


The FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar, the organizers have said, is offering empty apartments, villas, fan villages and shared rooms in traditional-style tents in the Registan for their fans.

The World Cup is going to be held in Qatar in November, so preparations have already started, just recently it was revealed in the report that two cruise ships have been converted into floating hotels.  Will be placed at the port of Doha. All these measures are expected to add up to ₹ 70000 rooms in the market.

The country's Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said the Gulf state would deliver up to 130,000 rooms in time for the FIFA World Cup tournament.

The FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar 2022 where a comfortable arrangement will be made for the traveling fans, teams and sponsors.

Anas Filali, who flies from the United States, says that for budget travelers like him, there doesn't seem to be an affordable option in Qatar