Robert Griffin III Has Gruff Directive For Dallas Cowpokes While Watching Browns versus Steeler


This Thursday night the Cleveland Browns are facilitating the Pittsburgh Steelers in a significant AFC North fight

In the principal quarter, wide collector Amari Cooper made a major play for the Browns when he got a 11-yard score pass from Jacoby Brissett.

Straightforwardly subsequently, Heisman champ and previous NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III made an impression on the Dallas Cattle rustlers. To put it plainly, they should be missing Amari Cooper.

The Cowpokes sent Cooper to the Browns in a peculiar exchange during the offseason.

The Dallas offense hasn't been close to as successful without him, to some degree such a long ways in the 2022 season.

Man, Ranchers could utilize Amari Cooper at this moment," said Griffin. He's right.

The ranchers who sent Amari Cooper to Cleveland really have neither rhyme nor reason. Maybe this will take care of it for the long haul, who can say for sure?

Robert Griffin III figures the Ranchers might in any case utilize Cooper at the present time. We need to concur