what are the rules of football

Kick-off:  Football begins with a kick-off. Which the team winning the toss starts.

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Time:  The match is of 90 minutes, divided into two halves of 45-45 minutes.

Penalty kick:  If the goalkeeper's position or the defending team fouls, then the other team gets a penalty kick. This kick is taken from right in front of the goalkeeper.

Penalty Shootout:  In league games, the game can end in a draw, but in some knockout games, if the game is tied till the stipulated time, then the match can go to extra time. Is used for

Offside:  Under the off-side rule, the player in front cannot pass the other player without the ball being defended, especially near the opposing team's goal line.

Throw-in:  When the ball completely crosses the line, then the opposing team gets the prize, which touches the ball last.

Corner kick:  When the ball crosses the goal line without scoring a goal and the defending team has last touched the ball, the attacking team gets a reward.

Indirect Free Kick:  This is a reward given to the opposing team when the ball is sent out without any special fouls and play is stopped.

Yellow Card:  The referee can send the player off the field by showing a yellow card as a punishment for his misbehavior. And if a player gets two yellow cards, then his two yellow cards are equal to one red card and he has to go out of the field.

Red Card:   Getting a yellow card for the second time in the same game means getting a red card and after that if one player is thrown out of the field, then no other player can come in his place, that means that team at that time. Have to play with 10 players only.

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