What did the fans of India say after Pakistan’s victory?

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Today match was played between New Zealand and Pakistan. Batting first,

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New Zealand set a target of 152 runs. Which Pakistan completed in 19.1 overs. And Pakistan qualified for the final. Now Pakistan which is there has become a very dangerous team. Talking about New Zealand, the New Zealand batsmen could not bat well. One wicket after another kept falling. Of course, Daniel Mitchell and captain Kane Williamson tried to handle some innings but their strike rate also slowed down when the wickets kept falling. Due to which New Zealand could not make that big score. Due to which he had to face defeat. Of course the pitch was a bit slow but they needed to score 10-15 more runs. But this could not happen. The bowlers of Pakistan bowled very well, all the bowlers bowled well, early shocks to New Zealand Shaheen Afridi gave initial shocks. New Zealand could not recover from that. When New Zealand came to the field to bowl, it seemed that they also had very good balls, so this match could become exciting but Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan and captain Babar Azam did not let this happen, they partnered 100 runs and made the match one-sided.

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Diya definitely a little match in the last at an exciting turnwas reaching but Pakistan’s young player Mohammad Harris came and played very good shots and took the team to the final, where it seemed that Pakistan’s team was out of this tournament but their luck was very good, they lost the first two matches. They were also very close matters, the first match was lost to IndiaWhich was completely in Pakistan’s possession but due to a miraculous innings of Virat Kohli, they had to face defeat and the second match was against Zimbabwe, that was also very close, Pakistan had to work very hard to recover from these two. Got it after that. Very best Pakistan team played cricket game.Now the match which will be played tomorrow, that match between India and England will be played tomorrow at Adelaide Ground, it will also be very exciting match Everyone is going to have a lot of joy if India and everyone elseIf there is a Pakistan match, because everyone watches this match with great enthusiasm, then it has to be seen whether India can win the match and enter the final tomorrow


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