What the Suns Gain in Potential Three-Team Trade

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The NBA season has only been going on for over two months, and the Phoenix Suns still haven’t traded the dissatisfied Jae Crowder. However, there has been progress, as Shams Charania of The Athletic writes that the Suns have held discussions about a three-team trade:

The Suns recently participated in three-team talks, according to several league sources, that would have sent Crowder to Milwaukee, four second-round lottery picks and players from the Bucks to Houston, and Eric Gordon and/or Kenyon Martin Jr. to Phoenix, Charania reported.

According to sources, the potential three-teamer was delayed because the Rockets wanted one first-round selection for Gordon and a very solid first-round pick for Martin instead of a bunch of second-round picks. According to reports, there has been interest in Gordon from numerous contending clubs, but there seems to be less interest in Martin.

This would be the deal to make if the Suns are going to acquire Crowder through a trade. Due to Crowder’s absence from the court, his worth will only decline going forward.

Gordon is the ideal player for the Suns’ aspirational squad. Gordon has never had a 15-year career scoring average below 10 points. When he checks in the game, he is a threat from behind the arc and thrives off the ball.

What the Suns Gain in Potential Three-Team Trade

The Suns clearly need to recruit veterans with postseason experience after last year’s performance against the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Semifinals. Gordon is what he is. Gordon, to be precise, has played in 55 playoff games and can greatly increase the seasoned presence of a youthful Suns core.

Martin Jr., the other player whose transfer to the Suns is rumoured, adds another distinctive quality to the Suns team. Martin Jr., who is only 21 years old, has a tonne of untapped potential. In just his third season in the league, the NBA draft’s number 52 overall choice is already averaging 10.7 points per game and shooting an effective.540 field goal percentage.

Martin Jr., who is 6’7″, is most notable for his ability to go to the hoop and produce spectacular dunks while doing so. His quickness and agility, as well as his versatility on and off the ball, may help him secure a spot in the Suns’ rotation.

Martin Jr. has a lot of room to develop and may not play a lot at first for the Suns, but he has a bright future with the team.

The Suns receive the best of both worlds in this transaction, with a youthful, athletic rising prospect and a seasoned veteran three-point shooter.

The Suns should seriously consider the possibility of acquiring two excellent rotation players in exchange for one who is now injured.

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