Youtube New Update 💵 for short Video Creators 🔥 🔥 

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Youtube New Update 💵 for short Video Creators

Hi creators, today through this post we are going to show you the upcoming youtube update , we are providing new monetization opportunities and expanding reach to more creators with youtube partner.

Youtube New Update 💵 for short Video Creators 🔥 🔥 

Youtube Partner Program 💵

The youtube PARTNER program is a place where creators of all kinds can flourish, so we’re making the program to better reflect this and rewarding all the amazing content you create. With ad revenue sharing and Super Thanks, we’re also introducing Creator Music to a new destination YouTube Studio

Youtube New Update 💵 for short Video Creators 🔥 🔥 

that gives creators easy access to an ever-increasing catalog of music to use in their videos, while we are now also earn money from ads

What is changing in this new update of youtube 🔥🔥

youtube giving channel monetization in 2 ways- 💰💰

Youtube New Update 💵 for short Video Creators 🔥 🔥 

So let’s dive into an update to the YouTube Partner Program, also known as ypp, that will make it easier for more types of creators to make money, receive exclusive benefits, and get support as their channels grow from next year.

Youtube Partner Program will now include expanded eligibility thresholds that give different avenues for creators to partner, creators can apply to be part of ypp even after reaching 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months but this model may not work. Also as an option for all manufacturers starting in 2023 will also be able to apply to the program with one thousand (1000) subscribers and 10 million have public brief views valid in the last 90 days .

Additional 😍 Benefit for short creators

Additionally way will also introduce the following eligibility limits for Creators for accessing fan funding like Super Thanks Super Chat Super Stickers and channel memberships These new eligibility thresholds for fan funding will apply to long-form video live streams and short content and more details will come next year but we hope this will help creators build deeper relationships with their fans and earn money

earlier in their journey to expand reach to ypp and make possible this new suite of benefits Youtube Partner Program .currently has creators signing the terms of the new partner program We’ll be providing more information in this at the beginning of next year and we hope this update will help empower more creators to be creative with the flexibility and make money in any way that works for them. works best

Youtube New Update 💵 for short Video Creators 🔥 🔥 4 edited

More Changes in in Ypp in 2023

We are excited to announce new ways for creators to make money with shorts, our advertising revenue sharing model has always been tied to creator success youtube is only successful when our creators do so we launched last year Made is expanding its advertising business model into shorts. A temporary short fund to reward creators and inform how we develop long-term solutions for Sustainable development with Shorts in early 2023 All current and future ypp creators will instead be eligible to share revenue from ads viewed between shorts in Short’s feed revenue .

Earning Distribution Ratio

These ads will be added together and used to reward shorts makers and the total amount allocated to creators will help cover the cost of music licensing, based on their share of total short views, up to 45 percent of the revenue. will distribute,

the revenue share will remain the same no matter whether they use the music or not, there is no change Current Revenue Sharing Models for Other Ad Formats on Youtube will let the audience show their appreciation for their favorite shorts and let the creators interact with their top fans via highlighted super thanks comments .

finally we are launching Creator Music is a new way for creators to use music in their videos and earn advertising revenue. The best part of studio is you’ll still collect revenue from ads

Youtube New Update 💵 for short Video Creators 🔥 🔥 5

We plan to offer a wide range of licensing price points and usage options. Producers can choose to pay an amount to use the music in their videos and still keep the same ad revenue share that They usually make for a video on or something without any music. song they can’t buy license and instead share a certain part of advertising revenue with artist or rights holder,

we hope creator will help music creators to create even more engaging content and give them ad revenue from this content and we’re excited to provide artists with a new revenue stream and avenue to promote their music creator. Music is currently in beta and we are looking forward to expanding into more markets in 2023 with these changes. And we’re excited to continue to invest in technology that helps creators reach their most ambitious creative goals.


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